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The arts and crafts of Bhutan that represents the exclusive “sprit and identity of the Himalayan Kingdom” is defined as the Zorig Chusum, which means the arts and crafts of Bhutan”.

The thirteen arts and crafts are:

 .Dezo –    Paper making: Hand made paper are mainly from the Daphne plant and gum from creeper root.

.Garzo–    Stonework: Stone arts re used in the construction of stone polls and the outer wall of dzong,

gompas, statues and some other buildings.

. Jinzo –     Blacksmithing: The manufacture of iron goods, such as farm tools, knives, swords and utensils.

. Lhazo –    Painting: From the image of Thankas, wall paintings, and statues to the decorations on furniture and


. Lugzo–     Bronze casting: Production of Bronze roof-crests, statues, bells, and ritual instruments, in additional

to jewelry and house holds items using sand and lots-was casting.

. Parzo–     Wood, slate, and stone carving: In wood, slate or stone, for making such items as printing blocks for

religious texts, masks, furniture, altars, and the slate image adoring many shrines and alter.

. Shagzo–     Woodturning: Making a variety of bowls, plates, cups, and other containers.

. Shingzo–  Wood working: Employed in the construction of dzongs and gompas.

. Thagzo–   Weaving: The production of some of the most intricately woven fabrics produced in Asia.

. Trozo–      Silver-and gold-Smitting: work in gold, silver, and copper to make jewelry, ritual objects and utilitarian, households items.

.Tshazo–   Cane and bamboo work: The production of such varied items as bows and arrow, baskets, drinks

Containers, utensils, musical instrument, fences, and mats.

. Tshemazo – Needlework: Working with needle to make clothes,bppts, or the most intricate of applique thangkas